Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Shot of Winter

The view from the Frazier's house, that little white thing is an old lighthouse called The Sparkplug
Quinn has a head cold, which I am surely fighting, and so fatigue is setting in.  I wanted to post some photos of some of our fun before I coax the boys into going to bed at 8.  If it were up to me, I'd be asleep now at 7:20.

We spent the past weekend in Bangor.  We really love the city, but our visit was a little wet.  It rained the entire time, and being in one tiny hotel room with two rambunctious boys is a little trying.  God bless Embassy Suites, may we never stay anywhere else again.  We did have a great visit to the Maine Discovery Center again.  Did you know that Bangor has the oldest operating Symphony in the US?  I'm telling you, I love that town.
The homemade wagon train
Chris flew out at 7am Sunday morning to make the 12 hour trek to San Antonio.  That's how long it takes when your first flight is out of Airport 1964, and you have to make 2 connections through Airport 1978.  Unfortunately for all of us, he missed his flight back on Wednesday morning, which meant he arrived at midnight instead of 4pm.  Dad very generously sacrificed himself to the late night pickup, and both of them were home and in bed here by 2am. 

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Possibly my favorite night here.  Tea, music, and a jigsaw puzzle with Griffin
Bangor has what looks like a highly effective 'Don't Locate Your Business Here' strategy going with their airport policies.  American pulled out because their landing fees are so high.  Two flights out a day on Delta means that no serious company would ever headquarter here.  If it's rabid growth they're concerned about, I think they could leave that fear at the feet of the 'Winter Starts in October' gods, and trust.

Quinn and Griffin have become especially creative at making up games and making new toys during our time here.  As the pictures show, they've appropriated the boxes their Lincoln Logs came in and made them into a sort of wagon train by adding on another contraption from their play tents.  They are having even more fun with a bag of my polyfiberfil.  It turns out it is hilarious to stuff your shirts with the stuff and then bounce bellies with each other.  They're sort of like mini anglo sumo wrestlers. 

It seems that weather everywhere likes to do this, give you a little glimpse of what's coming ahead.  In Texas that means that autumn is on its way when you'll find a couple of sweet 85 degree days in the midst of a week at 105.  In New England it means that winter is coming when we leave the 60s and hover in the high 40s for a day or two.  I must still have thin southern blood.  I'm cold!  But I like it.   I turned the heat on in the afternoon twice this week.  Being a child of New Hampshire, I feel a little decadent heating a house above 60, but I'm spoiling myself and running it at 64 for now.  It will be turned off when we go to bed, and in the low 50's in the living room when I wake up tomorrow.  I bought a fleece jacket.
Looking toward Campobello Island, Canada
from inside the chocolate shop.  It's windy.
We visited Lubec today, it was lovely.  I bought yarn.  I bought chocolate.  Lubec is surrounded on 3 sides by ocean, and so you have stunning views at nearly every turn.  The whitecaps were lovely, and the light was amazing.  You could see different colors of blue and green in patches across the bay.  I've said it before, the light up here is just incredible.  So clear, and so soft.

My camera broke, so all of the pictures I'm taking are with cruddy cell phone cams.  They will have to do for now.

Chocolate?  Or bed?  Hmmmmm.

xxxooo Sarah

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