Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Afternoon in Lubec

These are in no particular order. Together with our friend Lauren we went up to Lubec yesterday. We visited Bayside Chocolates and Atlantic House, making our weekly donation in support of Downeast Chocolate production.

At the Fraziers house Brett and Chris took the 3 Frazier Boys and Griffin out for a walk into the Channel. That's the Channel Light (Sparkplug) in the distance.

Brett Frazier, as if he needed an introduction.

Once the boys were done eating dinner at Cohill's (that was the 1st picture), he took them for a walk down by the water.

This T-Shirt is awesome.

Some shots of the boys playing in the Jeep when Lauren and I took a "Stop the Fussing in the Back" break a the Polar Treat on the way home from Eastport.

Griffin on the jetty in Lubec, how gorgeous it is there!

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  1. Sorry the comments don't line up with the photos, I'm new at this blogger thing! I think you can figure out which goes with which, though :)