Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunrise County - Not Just a Clever Name

It is currently 7am and I have been up for two hours now. The first 30 minutes were spent trying to convince Quinn that the "light light light" he's declaring he sees is really not morning light, it's actually happening in the middle of the night. But he will not be dissuaded and so this morning I am finally going to head to the hardware store for some blackout shades. I have been penny-wise and pound-foolish avoiding their purchase, lo these 5 years. I hope that tomorrow I have something new to report on our wake-up time.

Chris is still in Atlanta, and will arrive late late late tonight. Dad will pick him up in Bangor at 11:30pm, which is so late compared to Dad's normal bedtime that he'll probably have breakfast on the way home. The boys and I will be heading up to Lubec this afternoon for our weekly dose of wool, chocolate and bread. I expect Griffin to fall asleep on the way.

We have had a couple of really nice days outside. I had forgotten how nice the air feels up here, the smell of the ocean and the freshness from the forests. We stopped by the little local fabric shop yesterday for some pine fabric, I want to make one or two balsam cushions. Griffin and I have hiked the sand bar three days in a row now, it's actually a mile out and a mile back. Yesterday I took Quinn on my back and he just froze once we were alongside the harbor, the air is very chilly. I cannot believe anyone swims in this stuff. So he cried all the way back until we were in the shelter of the cove. Need to knit him up a wool hat, no joke.

Sun is out now but we're being threatened with rain by those weathermen. They have only been right about that once since we got here, though, so I'm optimistic.

Dad is heading back to NH for a few days tomorrow and our good friend Lauren from MA is coming up to visit for a few days so we'll have a great time!

Hope you are well, number here is 207 255 3624, it's never too early to call. Seriously. Never. Oh - and today is my brother's birthday! He's wicked old but younger than me so I won't give a number.



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