Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Sunny Day in Machiasport

I wish my camera weren't already filled with photsos, I would have taken so many more pictures today while the sun was shining, as that looks like a more rare occurrence than we would hope. Tomorrow we go back to three more days of grey and rain. Lucky for us, a grey day on the Maine coast is its own kind of gorgeous, we should be able to enjoy it for its rarity, coming from Texas.

Friday was wonderful because the boys and Dad and I drove up to Lubec for our yarn / chocolate / bread run. The Fraziers came with us and Barb and I hit the new yarn shop in Lubec, called Wags and Wool (they sell dog things too). They have this gorgeous location overlooking the bay, and some nice rustic wool from a mill not far away in Canada. I miss the small yarn shops we have here in New England. Lubec has a population that could easily be outnumbered by a smallish case of sardines, but it also has a yarn shop, god bless them.

Bayside chocolates was excellent, the bread we picked up was excellent, and we had a nice stopover at the Fraziers. Their house is looking amazing and Barb has done a lot on the gardens as well. The view from their living room window is nothing but dunes, bay, and the little Channel lighthouse.

Today included a rocket launch courtesy of Grampa and Griffin, and a rocket / pine tree separation process courtesy of Chris and a ladder and a pole. We had a chance to meet our trusty property manager, Joey Dennison, in person and go over work on the house. Through him we determined that the cat must have been here with a summer renter in 2008, as the carrier was here when he took over that fall. As I don't know who it was, I guess no one will be shot.

We walked down to the Bucks Harbor Shopping Mall this morning. I'll post pictures soon. It's this small 20x15' building that has some essentials like a griddle for bacon, some fridges for soda and a large inventory of fishing gloves. Walking in as obvious out-of-towners (or "from away", as they call it here) earns you a few solid stares and then the kind of deliberate ignoring and head turns that I usually only get from Quinn when I'm asking him to surrender something he isn't supposed to be playing with. 10 years ago I would have made them talk to me anyway, but now I'm too tired. They'll just have to content themselves with the unapologetic joy of our company. Dad has taken to walking down in the morning and coming back with all the local news. He is much more stealth Northern New England. NH and Maine can blend pretty well.

We're off to watch a movie with Griffin, Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. Tomorrow we have the pleasure of a visit from our friends Katrina, James and their two daughters from Allen, TX. They're up visiting her Dad in East Sullivan, Maine.

Please say a prayer for Judy Welker, our friend and our friend Michelle's Mom. She is so on our minds this week, as she begins her walk toward healing from newly-discovered breast cancer. There is good news on that score but I'll save it for tomorrow.


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