Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Photos from This Week

We have had some gorgeous weather here this past week. Even the tides have been agreeable; high in the morning for breakfast, low for an after-lunch hike, and high again for our glass of wine on the deck before dinner. Here is the left side of the front yard and Small's Cove.

Here is Gillie enjoying the backyard and the Bucks Harbor "crick" as one local called it (I thought that was a midwest thing but I guess not).

This was taken from about 1/2 mile out into the cove on the sandbar, looking out toward Machias Bay.

Quinn really enjoyed being on his own in one of the back Adirondacks.

This is such a good shot of Griffin that I overlooked Quinn trying to rip his hand away from his neck.

Everything is bigger in Texas with the notable exception of trees. I had forgotten how TALL they grow in New England! Here is Griffin in one of our Spruce groves in the back. I love these trees.

Some of our collections from the beach, mostly muscle shells and driftwood.

The Rosa Rugosa have begun to bloom. Just one open flower makes the entire deck smell of roses.

And here we have the take from Lubec yesterday; Ed and Diane's gorgeous bread, chocolate from Bayside Chocolates and wool from Canada.
Today we have a big rain storm moving through. Chris left on Tuesday to fly to Atlanta for training that was supposed to be W/Th/F. However the IBM trainer never showed up and so they all just sat twiddling their thumbs for Wednesday. Then he arrived in Detroit last night, en route to Bangor, and his flight was finally cancelled at 1am. Dad sat waiting for him in Bangor at the airport and came home at 3am. So, Chris is finally rescheduled on a flight home today, should arrive in Bangor today at 3:30pm. I am so fried, all I can think to do is go shop for yarn, so we'll stop at Shirley's in Ellsworth on our way.
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We had some amazing sunshine-y weather this week. Even the tides worked with us; high at breakfast, low for a walk after lunch and high again for a glass of wine on the deck before dinner.

The shot on the left is the front yard. On the right is taken from the sandbar out in the cove, looking out toward Machias Bay.

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